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Global Technology Solutions .:. Strategy & New Business Development

New Markets Development



Granuladed UREA


Animal Nutrition

Bio FOODs & Commodities

BioEconomy & AgriBusiness


Bio Combustibles

Bio Fuels: Bio Alcohol & Bio Diesel

Animal Nutrition, Commodities, Bio Foods, Equipment & Agri Business

Productos Agropecuarios, Granos, Bio Alimentos, Nutrición Animal & AgroNegocios


Forrajes: Micro Fardos de ALFALFA

Alimentos Balanceados

Animals Through Balanced Feeding


Núcleos Proteicos Puros

Bio FOODs & Commodities

Agricultural Commodities & Foods Markets, BioFOODs & AgriFOODs Products, Global TRADE Link, Logistics Service, Trade Assurance, Production Monitoring & Traceability Systems

BioTechnology Industry
MicroBiology & BioFoods Industry, BioTech Labs, Single Cell Proteins (SCP), Scientific Nutrition: Supplemented Foods, Nutritional Health: Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition, BioMaterials - BioFuels - Bioremediation Products

BioEconomy & AgriBusiness

BioEconomy.Link .:.
BioEconomy & AgriBusiness, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Forestry and Fisheries Industry, Crop & Animal Production, AgriTech & AgPrecision Systems, BioFOODs, TecnoPork Farms, BioEnergy, Animal Nutrition Foods, BioFertilizers

Bio Combustibles

Bio Fuels: Bio Alcohol & Bio Diesel

BioGAS & Bio Electricity

BioGAS & Bio Electricity

Bio Fertilizantes

Bio Fertilizers


Defense & Security Technology
Defense & Security Technologies, International Cooperation & Negotiation, FMS Programs, Acquisition & OFFSETs, Advanced Capabilities & Weapons Systems, C4-ISTAR & Multi-Domain Data Links, CBNR, Advanced Training Center, CIMIC, Security Products & Systems, CyberDefense & Advanced Multidomain Systems

Aeroespace Industry
Aerospace Industry, Aviation Market, Trade & Sales, Global Aviation Services, CNS-ATM, Airports & ARO-AIS, UAVs, SIMs & Training, Aviation Flight Academy, Design, Flight Test & Aeronautical Certification. Satellites, Vector & Propulsion Systems, Spaceports, Mission Control, Nano & Micro Satellites, Rockets Launch Sites

Quantum Communications
Quantum Communications & Quantum Cybersecurity, Quantum Cryptography, Advanced Algorithms, Quantum Dynamiv Coding & Keyless, Quantum Optical Satellites Projects, LASER & Photonic Space Communications, Quantum Internet, Quantum Blockchain, [QKD] Solutions, Quantum 5G & Quantum Cellphones.

Technology & Knowledge Economy
Information & Communication Technology [ICT] Solutions, Knowledge Economy HUB, GeoInformation, Computer Networking & Software Development, IoT, Electronics & Telecommunications, FINTECH, SmartCity Solutions, C-4 DataLink Centers, Cyber Security, Data Science & Analytics

R&D+i - Science & Technology
Advanced Knowledge Centre, Innovation LABs, R&D+i Centre, Science & Technology HUB, Design & Invention, Testing & Approval, Quality Control, Audits, Digital Transformation, Prototipes Development, Robotics, Automatization, Simulation Systems, Products & Solutions

Disruptive Technology
Disruptive Technologies & Advanced Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence, BigDATA, IoT, Blockchain, Cognitive, Quantum Communications, Quantum Applications, Hypersonic, Autonomous, Quantum 5G, Quantum Cryptography & Advanced Algorithms, Nanotechnology & New Materials.

Energy, Oil, Gas & Fuels
Renewable Energies, Solar & Wind Power Parks, SmartGRID Networking, Energy Saving & Efficiency Project, Hydrogen & Hybrid Engines & Propulsion, Electric Power Networks, On-GRID & OFF GRID Energy Solutions, BioEnergy, Waste to Energy Plants, Hydro, OIL, GAS, Fuels, BioFuels & eFuels

Technology & Environment
Tecnología, Movilidad, Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible, Ecological & Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals. Zero Emission & Zero Waste Programs, Bioremediation & Environmental Pollution Solutions: Air Quality, Noise & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Mining Industry
Mining Market: Prospection & Exploration, Exploitation & Beneficiation, Mining Servicies & Facilities, Logistic & Multimodal Transport Solutions, Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management (EPCM), Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Infrastructure, Camps & Construction

Smart City Projects
Smart City Concept, Technology, Smart Governance & Sustainable Development, Human & Social Development, Competitive Intelligence, Economic Development, Public Servicies, Urban Planning & Environmental Development

Smart MOBILITY Projects

Smart Mobility Projects, Autonomous & Driving Enhanced Solutions, Zero Emission Programs, Efficient Multimodal Public Transport Systems, Electro Mobility Transport Systems, Smart City, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) & Mobility on Demand (MoD)

Electro MOBILITY Solutions

Electric Vehicles [EV], Electro BUS, Renewable Energy & EV Power GRID, EV Charging Infrastructure, Zero Emission Programs, EV Pay-Card System, Smart GRID Systems, Hybrid Vehicles, EV Monitoring & Traceability Systems, EV Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare & Medical Technology
Community Health & Well-being, HealthCare & Quality Life, Scientific Nutrition & Health: Supplemented Foods, Hunger, Malnutrition, Eating Disorders & Obesity, Regenerative Medicine, Digital Health & Medical Technology.

Multi-Purpose Training Centre

Centro de Instrucción Multipropósito para la Toma de Decisiones especializado en Aviación, Defensa, Seguridad, Gobernanza, Emergencias, Gestión del Riesgo y Manejo de Crisis. (Multi Purpose Training Centre: Aviation, Risk, Security, Emergency & Crisis)

Travel & Tourism Industry
Travel, Tourism, Hostelry, Gastronomy, Cruises, Airlines, Buses & Car Rentals, Culture, Adventure, Wildlife & Luxury Tour Packages, Official Tourism Promotion Strategy, Antarctic Adventure Tour, Andes & Patagonia, Iguazu Falls.